I'm Maya.

with helen

I make electronics differently.

Through disparate architectures, emerging processes, and an understanding of material sourcing, I want to show that novel devices can avoid the violence (both social and environmental) that underpins the traditional semiconductor industry. To be effective, beyond CMOS devices will need to be tailored to their specific social, spatial, economic, and environmental contexts. Questions of energy and material platform then become unavoidable. I want to show how electronic fabrication is enhanced, rather than limited, by this fact.

I am a GEM University Fellow pursuing my MS in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University. I am a member of the Chamanzar group working on polymer neural probes for optogenetics applications. I am also a teaching assistant for the undergraduate in-lab curriculum and work as a student staff member at the Carnegie Mellon Nanofabrication facility.

Next Steps

I am a 2019 GEM Fellow sponsored by the MIT Lincoln Lab and will begin the PhD program in Electrical and Systems Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania this fall. I will be a Research Intern in Group 87, the Advanced Imager Technology group, for the Summer of 2019.

Current Work

Probes for Optogenetics

I am working on developing a packaging process for biocompatible, flexible, polymer waveguides. Our work focuses on co-locating nerural recording and optical stimulation volumes on a flexible substrate in the brain. A recent poster can be seen here.

We hope these probes can be used for basic neuroscience research as they are flexible and higher density than presently available neural probes. The early stage of my research was to develop a light source bonding processes for discrete laser diode packages. I am now working to create a procedrue for in-vivo implantation.


Teaching Activities

My work as a Teaching Assistant began as a lab section TA for the undergraduate analog circuit core course for four semesters. Additionally, throughout summer 2018, I am also working to redesign the lab resources and tutorial material for all undergraduate core courses. We are writing guides, redesigning lab activities, and creating video content to better support students throughout the introductory, and core 200-level ECE courses. My work will help undergraduate students have a more cohesive experience in-lab across the core courses.

Previous Work